The Fourth Wall

 'Fiction' is one of those short stories that came to me fully formed.

It doesn't happen a lot. Usually I have to work out the details of the script, to make sure that each panel serves up the necessary beat that will lead to the conclusion. You don't have room to waste when you're confined to a single page. There's a lot of distilling that goes into these comics.

But not with 'Fiction'. I knew the whole story the second it popped into my head. I was at work, and I had to rush back to the office to grab a pen and write it down. What I scribbled down on the yellow post-it is pretty much what's on the page now.

I knew that the story would work the moment Mary started thinking about her husband. I'm glad she got to find her voice by the end, making her the first (and also probably the last) character in Observatory to have actual dialog. I'm glad she got to break the rules.

I'd like to think that she's still out there, somewhere. She'll probably never forgive us for intruding on her inner thoughts. She probably took a deep breath, drove home, and regrouped. She most likely left her husband, since there was never any real connection between them. And now that she knew that her life was purely fictional, she knew that everything was possible.

She moved to New York City, and gave her acting career one more try. Or maybe she decided to follow her passion for cooking, and opened that restaurant she always dreamed of.

Wherever she'll end up with, I'll make sure it's happy ending.

She earned it.