In a Season of Crime

'Nothing Has Changed', David Bowie's compilation album, is out now.

It's not the first of its kind, there was an official “Best of” release in 2002, which came with a neat music video collection but was otherwise a little anemic. On the other hand, NHC features some brand new and some previously unreleased tracks, and it's as good of a reason to talk about Bowie as any.

Last year's 'The Next Day' was a very powerful comeback from his decade long hiatus. I definitely feel that it's a sibling-album to 2002's 'Heathen', which is a masterpiece and sadly one of his most underrated works. Somehow they take place in the same universe. It's a beautifully dark place to visit, where you can stay up all night reading banned poetry but you know that any time there could be a knock on your door. Where there's always a black car parked outside your window, and you know that one of your neighbors is always watching, because you can see the red glow of his burning cigarette through the blinds.

In a strange way they both relate back to 1995's 'Outside', with its chain smoking private eye character and jazzy soundscape. And then back further, to the late 70s, to Low and Sound and Vision, and so on, and all the sudden it all makes sense, that you could tie up certain Bowie albums in a makeshift continuity.

Also, those just happened to be my favorites.

The new single, 'Sue (or in a Season of Crime)' fits in perfectly. 'Nothing Has Changed' got its title from the lyrics in 'Sunday', the opening track on 'Heathen'.

Go and explore it! I'll be down at the bar, smoking, drinking whiskey, and waiting to meet a client who needs me to find her husband.