Nine Inch Nails


  I can’t even recall when and how I first discovered Nine Inch Nails. What I do know is that by the time I started high school in ‘96 I already listened to Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral on heavy rotation. It took me several more years to catch up on the rest of their catalog, since it was in the dark days before the internet and we had to get our hands on actual physical cassette tapes.

  Of course I listened to other things too, was quite into grunge, and I enjoyed some of the club music of the time (jungle was a neat thing for a hot second); but over the years the one thing that stuck with me was Nine Inch Nails. Somehow it became an important part of who I am. I don’t think there’s anybody in my life who doesn’t know that I’m a NIN fan. I have a decent size collection (check it out here), and I’m an active member on echoingthesound (under user name Spaceboy).

  In case you missed it, they’re on tour right now. Actually it’s shared headlining with Soundgarden, which baffles me, but that’s another story. My sister and I went to the two South Florida shows over the weekend (Monday’s concert was the 14th time I saw them live, but who’s counting!). Both shows were excellent, just as expected; they sounded fantastic, the production was top notch, and we had a great time. Here are the playlists:

8/10/14 Cruzan Amphitheatre, West palm Beach, FL

  1. Copy of A

  2. Sanctified

  3. Came Back Haunted

  4. 1.000.000

  5. March of the Pigs

  6. Piggy

  7. Terrible Lie

  8. Closer

  9. Gave Up

  10. Disappointed

  11. Find My Waay

  12. The Great Destroyer

  13. Eraser

  14. Wish

  15. The Hand That Feeds

  16. Head Like a Hole

  17. Encore: Hurt


8/11/14 Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheater, Tampa, FL

  1. Somewhat Damaged

  2. 1.000.000

  3. March of the Pigs

  4. Piggy

  5. Terrible Lie

  6. Closer

  7. Burn

  8. Gave Up

  9. Disappointed

  10. Find My Way

  11. The Great Destroyer

  12. Eraser

  13. Wish

  14. The Hand That Feeds

  15. Head Like a Hole

  16. Encore: Hurt

  Both Copy of A and Somewhat Damaged are great openers. As always, I would’ve liked more songs from the Fragile, but I know that these amphitheater tours are going to be mostly about the hits. Especially when half the people are there to see another band.