28 Days...

  It’s officially less than a month till DragonCon!

  For those of you who are not familiar with the event, it takes place over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta GA, and despite its name it’s a great “general geek interest” convention. I think it used to be more fantasy specific, but now it’s clearly a free-for-all. I usually gravitate towards the horror and comics themed panels, but I’m an omnivore (only if it comes to my taste in pop culture, of course, because I don’t actually eat animals).

  It’s hard to articulate what makes DragonCon so special. I think its magic lies in the fact that it’s not confined to one convention center, but hosted in several hotels in Atlanta. Which means the con overflows onto the streets and ends up taking over a good chunk of downtown.

  Do you remember those 80s sci-fi flicks where the future was full of bizarre and colorful characters? Robocop, Highlander II, that era. Old school cyberpunk. How about the little seen 1997 Italian movie ‘Nirvana’ (which is quite brilliant and you should totally check it out)? Now, walking down Peachtree Street during DragonCon feels just like that.

  When you go out to get some sushi, the chick in line in front of you has blue skin, and the guy at the next table has a robot arm. Nobody takes a second look, after a few hours of con this becomes the most natural thing in the world. You run into a couple of Daleks at the bar, and there’s a break dancing hobo Gandalf on the corner. You find Totoro in the restroom, trying to wash vomit off his fur. The Devil’s Rejects are playing pool, while a couple of Storm Troopers are taking a cigarette break. Jurassic Park employees are showing off their newborn T-Rex. An Alien is casually sipping his drink out of a really long straw. It’s like the Star Wars cantina scene, but on steroids.

  Yes, the panels are great, and meeting some of your heroes is fun, but to go out for a couple of drinks in this crowd is just mind-boggling awesome.