Here I am, starting this blog just as blogs are going completely out of fashion. If I were smarter I would probably publish the whole project on Tumblr, but it’s fine, I’m not too worried about it. I will lie and say that it’s a retro thing. Oh yes, I’m totally retro on purpose. Party like it’s 2005!


  I like beginnings. I’m sure I’m not the only writer out there who absolutely loves to start new projects. And I’m not talking about the phase when you never finish anything and have a drawer full of first pages, because I also like to get to the end; but there is something special about the beginning of a story. It’s uncharted territory. Every word has weight, and the potential to steer the story in surprising ways. You can set tone, make up your own rules, and everything is still up for grabs.

  I am also a pretty slow writer. I like to let things marinate for a long time. In reality, I write all the time, at work, as I stand in line at the store, everywhere, just only in my head. By the time I hit the page (keyboard) I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing.

  So this ‘Observatory’ project was a perfect fit for me. It’s a collection of story-snippets, and it gave me plenty to chew on, to think about. How to distill each story into three panels. How to compress, what moments to show, hint at. How to say what I wanted to say with as little as possible.

  Funny, of course, that as of now there is only one comic on the site, but it will make more sense as the weeks go by. I promise. Come back next Wednesday.

  I’m not sure how you stumbled into this site, but thank you for checking it out! You are someone I probably know, and I quite possibly forced you to follow the link and everything, but still, thank you. It means a lot.