I usually listen to podcasts when I go running. I prefer longer shows, since anything under an hour stops me in my tracks. My goal is to not have to touch my phone. My hands are sweaty and I can't work the touch screen right, it’s difficult to peel my armband off, stuff like that. So, in my book, the longer the podcast is, the better. 

  Here’s a list of my favorites:

Word Balloon: no one can beat John Siuntres when it comes to quality comic book podcasting. His episodes usually push the 3 hour mark, and feature interviews with creators from all walks of comics. I trained for a whole marathon listening to nothing but Word Balloon. I also discovered some of my favorite books because of it.

Scriptnotes: I absolutely love John August and Craig Mazin’s show about screenwriting! It’s pretty easy to fall in love with these guys, and I quite literally listened to every single episode they ever made (their back catalog is available through their app).

Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith.

The Nerdist and the Nerdist Writer’s Panel.

While I really enjoy Still Untitled: the Adam Savage Project -especially when they dabble into prop-making- their episodes tend to be on the short side.

  That’s about it. I do try new podcasts from time to time, but these are the ones I listen to on a regular basis. Feel free to recommend your favorites in the comments!