Fables #8 was on the stands when we discovered the series. It was in December of 2002, and we just got married two months prior. We were at our local comic book store, and we were looking to pick up a new series. Something that we would read together. Our title.

  We were both huge fans of DC's Vertigo imprint, so when the clerk recommended Fables, it was an easy sell. They had copies of the first eight issues, so we could give the series a try. Nowadays, with shows like Once Upon A Time and Grimm, its premise seems less groundbreaking, but it was quite intriguing back then. Characters from the fairy tales living in New York City, dealing with the everyday struggles of modern life, and also dealing with old wounds, of course. We loved the first storyline and we committed to the series.

  We bought every single issue, month after month. (It's a story on its own, but we accidentally skipped #39, and we hunted for it in back issue bins in comic stores for years to come. Every vacation, every new city we went to, we looked for that missing #39. We felt that buying it online would be a cheat. We finally found it in Toronto, in 2011.)

  I just picked up issue #150 last week. The series ran its course and it is time to tie everything up with a neat little bow. There are spin-offs and video games to get the die hard fans entertained, but Fables is officially over.

  Thirteen years. We'll celebrate our 13th anniversary in October, and for the vast majority of our marriage Fables was a part of it. 

  I will be honest, buying that last issue was quite a heartache.