grandma poster.jpg

"Taking care of Grandma turned out to be quite a bit more than Tim signed up for. He has to handle her tube feeding, empty her catheter bag, and turn her every two hours so she doesn't get bed sores. He also has to figure out why she gets up in the middle of the night... 
Part body horror, part mystery, and 100% medically accurate!"

  Grandma came to be because I'm good friends with Tom and Kierney -the two lead actors. They asked me to write them a short film: something that takes place in one location, and that has some dramatic tension in it. We ended up spending about $350 dollars on it, which mostly covered pizza and bagels for the crew... We have great sound design, effects, and a fantastic original horror movie score by Stav Drieman... Not bad for a micro-budget production!

  I hope you enjoy it!