Laszlo Tamasfi is the writer/creator of Invisible Hands, a 3 issue comic mimiseries published by American Gothic Press in 2017, and also the writer of The Last Panel for The DarkSide Magazine. Follow him on twitter.

Branko Jovanovic‘s gallery can be viewed here.

Andi Supriyono  lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is the Senior Artist at Wendigo Comics. His book ‘Convoy of Corpses’ is slated to be published by Rocket Blast Comics, and he is currently working on ‘Brain Surgeon’ for Wendigo.  You can see more of his work at his gallery.

Akhmad Yusuf Marzuki Wijaya is a comic artist working mostly on sequential pencils art. He lives in Surabaya, Indonesia. You can see more of his work at his gallery.

Artists Tesni Edathil & Manoj Kumar A live in Bangalore, India. You can view their gallery here.

Lost Arno is a comic book artist living in France. He worked for InComics and Red Leaf Comics. This is his gallery.

Michael Malatini lives in Ancona, Italy. He is a comic book artist who loves science fiction and superheroes. You can see more of his work here.

Raymond West is an artist based in New York. His art can be seen here.

Jozsef Svab is a Hungarian comic book artist. You can view his gallery here.

Justin Cornell is a freelance artist, currently writing and drawing his own work, between other projects. He and his work can be found here

I. Fluke is an occasional artist from the U.K.

Jana Horvath is a layout designer and occasional writer. He lives in Hungary.

Parker McCombe co-created and writes the hit ebook series Samurai City. You can check it out free at and follow him on twitter @ParkerMcCombe

Gergely Leposa is an illustrator and comic book artist.

Eleonora Kortsarz was born in Salta. She published work in Argentina (Supercake, Clitoris), Brazil (Front), UK (Empirical Majesty), Spain (Vidas Prestadas, RIP Culebra) and the USA (The Almighties, Killing the Habit, Golem). She currently works for Actuality Press and Faythstudios. Check out her work at  

Tejlor is a Hungarian illustrator and caricaturist, with work published in places such as Holland, the United States, and Italy. Follow him at 

Emerald Wilkins created the ‘Observatory’ logo. She teaches digital design and drawing. She lives in Florida.